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Git Support!

By tenox, First published: 2024-05-27 09:32, Last updated: 2024-05-27 09:33

We now have a full git repo support for all post and media operations!


Seven Eleven

By tenox, First published: 2024-05-25 07:49, Last updated: 2024-05-27 09:30

Due to a popular demand crafted a theme that roughly resembles the popular WP Twenty Eleven:



New Default Theme!

By tenox, First published: 2024-05-19 05:19, Last updated: 2024-05-25 07:49

Resembling the big hit "Kubrick" theme but better. Smaller, leaner and without all the cruft.



Continue Reading...

By tenox, First published: 2024-05-18 10:09, Last updated: 2024-05-19 04:12

We now have the infamous <!-- more --> tag that renders into [Continue Reading...].

Below this line there is a very long lorem ipsum post, which should not render in paged mode.

Continue Reading...


By tenox, First published: 2024-05-18 10:07, Last updated: 2024-05-18 21:49

Just added search function. It was surprisingly easy and fast. Uses Go Bleve library.

The search works in both the blog view and admin UI.

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